Wednesday, September 06, 2006

6 September 2006

The Trek: 26 July, 2006 To the peak of Baldy Mountain

Leavng Miranda at first light, sans packs, we follow the creek bed through thick forest up toward Black Horse Camp. Although steep, the damp, cool, shaded climb early in the morning when we were fresh, was actually rather pleasant. We passed by a number of dilapadated remainders of the old mining industry of this area. Breakfast at Blackhorse camp, pee break and then switchbacks up to the base of Baldy. We stopped frequently for breath catching breaks and to drink in the beauty of incredible mountain vistas.

Stopping often and drinking mega amounts of water served us well in our steady ascent. FR, however, was begining to show show signs of extreme fatigue and air hunger. Everyone else seemed to be in good shape, and we continued to stop for photo ops. ;-)

L & K, the pause that refreshes!

C'est moi avec KH & MS.

At this point, we are at about 11,200 ft of elevation. It becomes evident that FR will have to descend due to extreme labored breathing and headache. FR has made this trek to the top 4 times in the past, so while disappointing, it's not as if this was his first trip up Baldy.

I snapped some tree line flora shots just before making the final ascent.

The ascent is now not only steep, but scree covered. For each two steps forward you slip back one. :-(

At this point everyone has reached the summit except K., K. and myself. Big K. says, " I don't think I can make it!" I said, looking back down the slope, "the top is closer, so..." I described for her how I was modifying Jeff Galloway's "run-walk" technique that I had used last Oct. When I ran the Marine Corps Marathon In Washington D.C.. I walk a minute and then rest a minute (by the clock), walk a minute, rest a minute. She agrees to try it and we tortise crawl up the mountain.

Thank you Jeff Galloway!!!!!!! We all make the summit (except FR. Who by the way, was down in Baldy camp drinking saspirilla and eating chocolate ;-) )
Me and L. on top!

NEXT: Coming down the other side of Baldy Mountain.


Blogger paris parfait said...

Wow! Quite an accomplishment! Congrats to you all. Fabulous photos.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Rowan said...

What fabulous views from the mountain - you must have felt a real sense of satisfaction when you made it to the top, over 12000 feet is quite an achievement. If the last photo is the 'other side' of Baldy Mountain then I'm glad I wasn't going down it with you! The blog is a good record of what you did and what happened on the trip, I'm glad I did the Green Valley now as it's already getting a bit hazy in my memory and now I have it down - well, not exactly on paper, but you know what I mean!

9:35 AM  
Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

Your photos are just gorgeous! What a beautiful area. Where is Baldy Mountain? Thanks for sharing your trip. Your little granddaughter is a doll by the way!

9:48 AM  

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