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Day 4 of nablopomo: 4 Nov., 2006
Blogger has continued its PITA behavior concerning uploading of pictures. For awhile this problem was confined to IE, but now sems to have infected Mozilla. Computers give credence to the term love/hate relationship

.Day 2 (our first full day in Quebec City) was Saturday 28 Oct., 2006. The day was incredibly windy to which you can add rainy and quite cold, ie; mid-thirties.

Because of the weather, we took the funiculaire ( a type of self-contained cable railway in which cables attached to a tram-like vehicle on rails move it up and down a very steep slope.) down to the lower village.

There we sought out a cafe in which to have breakfast. Even in the rain the narrow streets, quaint shops and cobble stone streets were pleasant to explore. However I was inclined to keep my camera in my pocket and out of the rain.We had a fine breakfast and were waited on solicitously, being the only customers. The streets were particularly devoid of pedestrian traffic owing to the inclement weather.
After breakfast we strolled over to Place-Royale and toured Notre Dame des Victoires.

postcard of High Altar

postcard of historic vessel which hangs from the ceiling in main church

postcard of Ste. Genevieve Altar

We did walk around, in and out of various shops and finally decided to spend the morning in the The Musée de la civilisation. This was quite educational and also afforded us a pleasant cafeteria in which to partake of a simple lunch.
relics inside foyer to Museum:

The after noon found us wending our way along rue de saint louis toward la Citadelle de Quebec. The cold rain was in our faces and so wind driven that even in my poncho and with my umbrella directly in front of me, progress was painfully slow. When we finally did arrive at the entrance to la Citadelle the guard exited te guard house to tell us that all tours of the Citadelle had been canceled due to the severe weather. He apologized and recommended that we return the next morning between 0930 and 1000.

Ste Louis Gate. la Citadelle is up the hill to left 3 blocks or so.

On our return trip along rue st. louis we took note of numerous restaurants and stopped to read their menus trying to decide which one we would have dinner in. By the time we arrived back at the Chateau my umbrella had imploded and the poncho was literally shredded and torn completly from my body. I was able to repair the umbrella back into a usable state . Not having my roll of duct tape, the poncho was discarded unrepairable.

Alas, we retired to our room to shed our sopping wet clothes (mainly our shoes and socks and the lower portions of our pants.) After suitably refreshing ourselves we made our way to the hotel lounge where we indulged ourselves with a splendid pinot noir and a plate of assorted cheeses, crackers as well as assorted fruits.

After a nap we showered and dressed for dinner which was at a charming little Italian style place just a two block walk from the Chateau. The wind and rain had subsided making the walk pleasant despite the chill. The waiter was entertaining and quite willing to allow me to practice my broken french (franglais) even though he spoke impecable english. The meal was pleasurable and the banter between the wait staff an D. and I was delightful.


Blogger paris parfait said...

I tried to leave comments earlier, but Blogger was down. Sounds like a really great trip, despite the diversions!

3:48 PM  
Anonymous m said...

A post a day when blogger is being a PITA...that should be enteraining for us readers.

I have computer issues too but I use the tried and true "turn it off, turn it back on" method to "fix it".

4:04 PM  
Blogger PEA said...

Yes, Rel, I too have noticed that even Mozilla isn't working as well with Blogger any longer!! Sigh! Well, I'm sure glad you've been able to post all these wonderful pictures and postcards. As I mentioned to you, I was last in Quebec City in 1975 as a 16 year old I would love to now visit it as an adult! It was a school trip I had gone on so we didn't get to explore the city as much as I would now. I love all the quaint shops and the architecture is just so wonderful!!

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rel, what a shame about the weather because the streets, square, shops and lovely church look so picturesque. But it sounds like you won't let a mere trifle like bad weather bother you!

One thing about being out in rotten weather is the lovely feeling of getting home, showering and getting into warm dry clothes. Isn't it the most wonderful feeling? Makes it worthwhile getting sodden - almost!

Next part, please...

6:47 PM  
Blogger twitches said...

Great photos - thanks for sharing!

7:51 PM  
Blogger jellyhead said...

Ah, sounds great! (apart from the nasty weather)

I was there back in July and thought Quebec city was just so pretty, too. The photos have brought back happy memories! Thank you!

9:15 PM  
Blogger Catch said...

What a lovely post Rel, with absolutely stunning pictures! I feel like I was there with you! Thank you so much for sharing your vacation!!

10:23 PM  
Blogger Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Thanks for showing your pictures Rel. Quebec city looks really pretty. I love all the old buildings and little streets.


6:05 AM  

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