Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday 19 November, 2006

Day 19 for nablopomo

#34 - Hero

What is a hero? A mythological figure, a soldier, a freedom fighter. Rarely, a hero can be a villian, a dastardly lowbrow.
A sandwich.

Heros are ordinary people who rise to the occassion, not everytime, but sometimes, or at least once. I like to phrase it thusly; heroism is getting it right at the right time sometimes.

We identify with heros. They give us hope, ideals, and character traits to strive for. Usually, but not always, we dislike cowards, and mean, base villians.

Heros are gallant, courageous, chivalrous. They rise above the fray to reside on pedestals crafted by mere mortals. Their humaness is forgotten and we are always reminded to reflect on their heroic deeds.

But in real life, as opposed to myth, novel, and screen, heroism is transient. Only at death are humans memorialized; they can no longer exhibit human failings. Then we are allowed to remember them only for their good deeds.

Fiction, to a high degree, has framed our image of hero/heroine. Fictional characters are portrayed as brave, valiant, lionhearted, bold and mythical. They are often idolized, and popular figures. Ocassionally a

villian is imbued with heroic qualities; think, "The Godfather", or Darth Vader, or even Gollum. When I think of the "Godfather's" mafia. I see a romantisized image of what in real life is a tawdry, criminal band of churlish drug venders, and sex slave traffickers.

There is in each of us a hero, and forsooth, a villian. Most, if not all, of the time we get to choose which one is on display more often. When we exhibit our good side, we feel elevated. Vice versa, our bad thoughts and or deeds pull us down.

I accept the fact that permanent, everlasting heros exist only in fiction. Now I can recognize heroic deeds in the acts of imperfect people; myself included.


Blogger Churlita said...

Nice piece. My mom used to draw Prince Valliant-like comics, so I'm now feeling some nice nostalgia. Thanks.

1:09 PM  
Blogger giggles said...

Interesting perspective!
Thanks for sharing!

5:06 PM  
Blogger paris parfait said...

You make some excellent points, but I can think of quite a few real life heroes who are still alive and are shining examples in their actions and deeds. And sometimes, each of us must be heroic, when helping others or facing some dire health issue or serious circumstance. The trick is to rise to the challenge. Very entertaining post.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed! In my stories I often prefer an anti-hero.

9:14 PM  
Blogger PEA said...

A wonderful post's true, the simplest human being can become a hero at any given time. You had some great're my hero:-)

9:38 PM  
Blogger sundaycynce said...

Very nice post,Rel. You made many good points and did it well. Terrific definition and examples. I like your idea that it is possible for us all to be heroic sometimes.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rel

Good post on heroes. But do you know who did it for me?? The New York Fire Service men and women during 9/11. Now that's heroism!

Nice to see you safely home...



2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my "hero" post. I like how you wrote that heroes are ordinary people who rise to the occasion, on occasion, and that we've all got hero and villian within.

2:08 PM  

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