Saturday, February 16, 2008


My nephew Sean has been awarded United Way of Chittenden County Hometown Hero award for all the many volunteer hours (and sleepless nights)he has put in to get the new Burlington Community radio station "The Radiator" (105.9 FM) up and running. Without his technical
expertise the radio station would still be a dream.



Lee Anderson, Sean Larock and Jim Lockridge

photographer: Matthew Thorsen

So you had better do as you are told. You better listen to the radio. The Radiator began test broadcasts, sending its first signals over Burlington airwaves in September 2007. Though Lockridge and Anderson were able to round up enough donated capital and equipment to get the station on the air, they lacked the technical wizardry required to put all the pieces together. They turned to engineering director Sean Larock, whose extensive radio experience — including a lengthy stint at the University of Vermont’s WRUV 90.1 FM — became an invaluable asset. “We get commercial radio folks who come by and are amazed,” says Anderson of Larock’s work in the studio.


I've completed two solid training weeks. I've shifted my priorities; there is a sign in my head and it flashes like neon in my mind when I wake up in the morning that says: Exercise first, blog second if you have time.

Although I love to write, and have ambitions of someday becoming a published writer (other than on blogger) and I enjoy reading the blogs of friends from around the world, there is a reality of the present world that needs to be addressed and enjoyed. I have let my 15 year devotion to morning exercise flag for the past two years, which coincidently matches nearly the length of time I've been blogging. My strength training has stayed regular but the pesky aerobics training has limped over to the shoulder of life's road and in so doing has enabled me to gain 3o pounds of adipose that is reeking havoc with my joints.

My chum Leigh, you know--- the one who I canoed the 90 miler with, is always watching over me and subtly encouraging me to get back on track, exercise wise. Nothing direct but like two weeks ago, Leigh, a mesomorph of a human being, a dedicated exercise - get out and enjoy the physicality of life type of guy and by his own admission not a runner, says to me: " I'm going to train for the Ottawa Marathon, wanna do it with me?" Now he knows that I've run the 1/2 in Ottawa twice and that I ran and completed the Marine Corps full marathon 2 years ago. I took heed of the hint; get off your fat ass and get back in shape bud. An additional motivation is the underlying fact that we've been enrolled in the 2009 Philmont trek and we need to start now if we hope to climb Baldy again.

Bottom line: we've both signed up to run the 1/2 in Ottowa the weekend of the 25th of May, 2008.

So if I seem absent from Under the Microscope more than usual, know that my training for life and for the race are my priorities now!


D. and I dined at Josephine's Bistro last night. As it's only 3 blocks from our abode we decided to walk. Holy moly man, that was one frigid, wind whipped walk! The wine was superb, the service good, and the food adequate. They have the potential to do really well, especially right now since they are the only game in town. Come summer the competition will return along with the 10 fold increase in population. They got off on the wrong foot with an inexperienced cook when they opened and you know the saying about first impressions. Not only that, but their prices were higher than the local gentry finds acceptable. All the more-so, if the food sucks. Needless to say they are struggling to build business back. They have a new, young chef. She is a graduate of a culinary institute in Maine. She is a local girl and seems to be a good addition. Their limited menu is well presented and the quality has improved each time we go. I do miss our Friday nights at the Lodge though.


Tonight we're on tap to motor across the border to dine with Leigh and Karen. They are committed to attending their son's Track meet at St. Lawrence University today. I'm unsure of when that will conclude so will have to wait and see how and when we'll make it over to Brockville's Buell Street Bistro. We've eaten there twice before and it can hold it's own with any of the finest restaurants we've ever dined at.


Most folks have multi varied interests; work, exercise, blogging, household chores (yes, some people actually enjoy housecleaning), writing, reading, browsing the internet, and watching the tv. There are many others, but these are the ones that take up the majority of my time.

Today is a reading day!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

First and foremost must be your health. I could take a leaf from your book.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous paul maurice martin said...

With my technical skills, the world as we know it would still be a dream. I'm lucky I can type.

11:24 PM  
Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

I know what you mean about blogging taking away from other priorities - exercise being one of them. I must go for a walk tomorrow ... good luck with your training. As we kiwis say - good on ya mate!

5:33 AM  
Blogger Churlita said...

Good luck on the run. Take the time you need away from here. We'll still be around.

2:19 PM  

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