Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Training run this morning: 29 degrees F. with a biting arctic wind from the west coming across the river, stiff enough to etch the devil's icicles.
Run two poles walk one etc. ...thank you Jeff Galloway! Fortunately the wind was behind me for the first mile so that when I eventually turned into that wind turbine I was good and warmed up.
Did three miles today.... Six next Sunday in Lake Placid.
Much different than yesterday's balmy 45 F. walk. As Jason (The Clarity of Night) said, " the ghost were about yesterday" teasing us with thoughts of spring. Today the ghosts slapped us up-side-the-head with a dose of February reality!

While I run, my mind opens up and thoughts flow like water through an eight inch main. As I warmed to the task at hand an idea for a fall endeavor made itself known to me. I'm going to run it by Don P. and Leigh, and perhaps Chris and John David to see if they have any interest. The idea is this: To kayak from the 'Burg to Mo'town, then bike from Mo'town to the burg and back, and finish with a 10K run from my house to the Jacques Cartier Park and back (an exact 10 K). Sounds doable for the over 50 or greater crowd, whadda-ya think?
Anyone else whose interested is most welcome to join in. Just let me know; Jay? Kristy? Michelle? Josh? Bobby?
I know you're under fifty but I'm not going to hold that against you.

This will not take the place of the Adirondack 90 miler.

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Blogger Churlita said...

It's still 25 below here with the windchill so I haven't been able to run outside here because of the treachorous ice. Running inside is NOT the same. I'm jealous.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've lost your mind and gone completely crazy, Rel. Not quite at born-again-Christian, or ex-smoker...but hedging dangerously close. I'm only 49 so I can't join you. I'm so impressed.

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shaking head in admiration.



7:59 AM  

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