Friday, February 01, 2008

While some may prefer the miscellaneous writings of Edward Gibbon (1737-1794), others, the M.W. of H.P. Lovecraft, today I offer for your perusal the rough-and-tumble, unsophisticated musings of rel.

As dumb luck would have it, Lucy from lulupetals tagged me last week to a five random things meme. The structure of this meme is somewhat different from the usual in that it offers a miscellany of choices:
  1. a. reveal 5 random/ weird facts about yourself.
  2. b. state 5 top places on your want to see list
  3. c. relate 5 things you never pictured in your future when you were twenty-five.

The standard re-tagging of 5 bloggers is proposed, as well as the link-back to she who taggeth thou.

I've chosen to answer in a non-standard manner, Choosing something from here and a little from there to create a post that would have met the prompt for Sunday Scribblings last but because of the lateness of my post will go unsubmitted. ;)

  1. A. 1. I get up at 0330 Monday thru Friday to blog and exercise. Most folks I work with think that's odd. However, I think it's odd that I'm the only one of my many co-workers who blogs. Blogs? Is that a proper verb?
  1. B. 1. I want to visit the Hague, Netherlands and see among other things their windmills.
  2. 2. A tip to Florence, Italy and a chance to see the David in reality.
  • C. 1. I never foresaw my being a two term mayor nor a two term school board president.
  • 2. It never entered my mind that I would compete in and finish a 3 day, 90 mile canoe race in the Adirondacks or anywhere else for that matter.

There you go; 5 random things about me. In keeping with the non-traditional "meme" form I tag 5 non-bloggers to anonymously do this meme here on my comments section;
  1. 1. Bonnie from Pepsi
  2. 2. Pam S.I.L.
  3. 3. Jay,from Bureau Veritas
  4. 4. Jane from Basta's
  5. 5. "Chelle from the V. A.

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Blogger bonniew said...

I get homework for reading?

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. A - I get up at 4a.m. M-F to exercise

2. B1 - Spain - Mediteranean Coast
B2 - Italy - Rome, Venice

3. C1 - I never thought I would live in Albany, NY - which at 25 I thought was "the big city"
C2 - that I would be a Deputy Director of a State Agency

6:29 PM  
Blogger PEA said...

Hello dear Rel, finally catching up with your last few posts! Happy Birthday to your daughter...glad you were able to attend the surprise birthday party held in her honour:-) I so enjoyed reading your answers to this meme...I sometimes get up at 3 a.m. but it's because I can't sleep and play a computer game until I feel sleepy again! lol You certainly have achieved a lot so far in your life, proud of you my friend. xox

7:13 PM  
Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

I get up at 4.30 am to work and that's all I'm going to say...

Good post, Rel, and there are a lot of words that didn't use to be verbs that are now...strange how language evolves (devolves?), so getting up to blog is no worse than people who will innovate (as in a tv ad here).

12:32 AM  
Anonymous s-i-l said...

Hi there Bob--

Although not a blogger, guess I'm IT in this game, Blogtag.

1. a) I find peace and joy in doing things by myself, rather than in the midst of company--90% of the time!

b) Cleaning is a purifying and somewhat religious experience for me!! (Weird or what??)

c) I find warmth, kindness and love in everyone; even those who are the worst of worst and hurting so many others along their walk in life.
(They, too, are God's children)

Am sure people who know me could name countless "weirdo" things about me--guess I think I am the "normal" one here, whatever defines "normal" hehheh!

2. a) Medjugorje, Yugoslavia-today called Bosnia-Herzegovina(home of Virgin Mary's apparitions-what a thrill!)Have read all there is to read on the subject matter-
b) The Holylands(love to walk in Jesus's footsteps-what an experience!)
c) Alaska(Chas. and my dreamtrip)
d) Yellowstone Nat'l Park(love to do this with my son!)
e) Australia(love the koala bear!)

3. Wow, at 25 had lots of dreams; never expecting to lose the love of my life at such an early age! Who ever would have guessed? "Never thought it could happen to me!" Totally different perspective on the phrase today. SUCKS!!!!!!!!

So you see, from this point forward in my life, my future was totally affected. Does that answer #3 in this, "survey says" segment of Blogtag?

Love ya brother-in-law!

3:14 PM  
Blogger UL said...

:) I cheated and did this for sunday scribblings too. :)

10:33 AM  
Blogger UL said...

and oh nice to know you wake up too :)

10:34 AM  
Anonymous bonnie said...

1. I'm adopted & have no desire to find birth parents.
2.Wanted to go into business when I finished HS but nuns @ SMA told me girls had no place in business.
3.Unwillingly finished 2yrs of nursing.
4.Waitressed at Ghizes Bar after sch.
5.Afraid of cobwebs (spiders don't bother me) There's my unknown facts.
1.Florida Keys because we have traveled most of the state & never gone that far south.
2.Take a crosscountry road trip to see Dick's brother in Oregon & to see the country.
3.Alaska. Had planned to go for our 25th but my dad got sick
4.Ireland because everyone says how beautiful it is!
5.Australia, just because.
The biggest thing I never pictured myself being is as happy as I am now with Dick. He has since quit drinking & our life changed dramatically.
Thanks Bob! I really put a lot of thought into this!

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jane B. rel, here is my assingment:

1. Afraid of heights, but did walk out on the Sky Walk over the Grand Canyon(and it was GREAT)
2.Wish I liked to excerise better.
3. Love to read, especially on summer days on the St Lawrence River, then take a swim...
4.Never went on to school to get my RN
5.Love to watch Law & Order
1. Travel to Rome and Vatican
2. To Florence to see the Domo and on to Tuscany
3. The Amazon and South America
4. Some times home is best!!!
1.At 25 could never see myself the Mother of 4 and Grandmother of 4, what a gift!!!
2. A wonderful camp on the St Lawrence River, can't beat those summer days.
3. Trips to NYC and Washington, DC.
4.Wonderful cruise vacations with Joe.
5. Married for almost 40 yrs. to Joe and loving every minute of it.
What fun Bob. Keep up the good word. Jane B.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Its Jay...
My assignment:
1) I laugh to myself because i am a financial controller of a $50M mulitnational corporation, when i feel like I'm still a kid.
2) I became an accountant only because the first accounting class was easy and made sense to me.
3) I would rather be a rock star.
4) I'm a little bit of a germaphobe.
5) i deal with daily urges to be a procrastinator, and most of the time win the battle.
Top 5 Places i want to see:
1) Heaven
2) Jamaca
3) Alaska
4) Amsterdam
5) Italy
5 things never pictured at 25:
well 25 was only 5 years ago but a lot has changed since then:
1) Never thought i would be divorced
2) Never thought i would be living with the sexiest girl in the world (chipper:))
3) Never thought my weight would hit 255lbs!!! (i have since changed that)
4) Never thought I would still have one class left for my MBA
5) Never thought I would still live in Buffalo.

10:54 AM  

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