Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Are we going to make smores tonight, grandpa?"

"Maybe. We'll have to wait and see. Not if it's pouring rain."

"I want to make smores tonight."

"Even if it's pouring rain?"

"Yes, even if it's pouring rain!"

"I suppose that's because you're seven."

From time to time, in casual conversation, it comes up; if you could be any age, what would you choose?
I've picked 16 or 21, or even 29 but now that I've been granted a review of childhood through the time spent with my grandchildren I choose 7. If I could be any age, I think seven is better than any age I've lived so far.

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Blogger paisley said...

i want to be 25... if i could be any age,, or extend my life... i would choose to be 25 forever....

9:20 AM  
Blogger Tammy said...

My grandson in WA turned 7 yesterday and we can't wait to get to know him at 7.

Color coordinating with Lucky Charms looks very chic. lol

2:21 PM  
Blogger PEA said...

Ah the innocence of childhood...at that age EVERYTHING is possible:-) Can I come over for S'Mores too....even if it's raining????? hehe xox

4:02 PM  
Blogger PEA said...

Oops, forgot to mention...tell your granddaughter I LOVE her nail polish:-)

4:03 PM  
Blogger Churlita said...

I always thought nine was a good age. It was the year before my mom died and I was blissfully ignorant of how bad things would get. Plus, you're old enough to have a few more freedoms, but too young to start getting pumped full of hormones.

4:27 PM  
Blogger jellyhead said...

Seven IS a pretty good age. But Rel if you were 7, you wouldn't have these precious grandchildren of yours!

By the way, (showing my ignorance here) what is a smore, or what are smores?

4:59 PM  
Blogger Remiman said...

S'mores are a sweet confection developed austensibly by the Girl Scouts (GSA) and published in their handbook in 1927. Popular in Canada and The US, it's a delight enjoyed by campers consisting of sandwhiching a, freshly camp-fire roasted, marshmallow and a piece of chocolate bar, between two halves of a graham cracker.

7:04 AM  
Blogger Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I couldn't pick one age. There are too many special things for each age, although... in blatant contradiction to that theory, I've been 29 for a little while now.

I don't have birthdays anymore, I have an anniversary of my 29th birthday every year.

Tents are wonderful things, aren't they? So much fun to construct and hide out in.

And, for future reference... weather should never stop s'more making unless it requires you to leave your county.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

12:34 PM  
Blogger twitches said...

Aw, her nails match her cereal!

4:10 PM  
Blogger Kay said...

Seven is a wondrous age - the first dawn, awakening to the world of the abstract, innocence and knowing ... yes, seven wouldn't be a bad age to remain at.

6:18 PM  

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