Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.......

Well at least if you live in our neck of the woods. It started snowing again this morning about 0800. The weatherman forecasts another 6" which if true, and right now at the rate the snow id falling, will give us 18' in three days.

Yesterday the young man from next door was walking up the hill by our house while I was shoveling snow off our drive way and said to me; "Mr. rel this is too much snow."
I replied; "This much snow just increases my Christmas spirit."
Ryan walked on shaking his head, and I'm sure thinking to himself, Mr. rel is loosin' it.

When I was growing up here, snow and snow shoveling were part and parcel with Christmas. I used to earn most of my Christmas gift buying money by shoveling snow at .50 cents a side walk and .75 cents a driveway. I used to start praying for snow right after Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Nellie's.

My being on vacation for the last three weeks of December is allowing me to see the snow through the eyes of my childhood. I don't have to drive the slushy, now covered roads to and from work. I can sit inside warm and cozy and watch the birds at the feeders and meditate on the white crystals floating down to blanket the earth. Thoughts like: I'll wait 'til the snow stops this afternoon to go out to shovel. I wonder what birds do to protect themselves from the element. I think I'll goggle that and see how they survive in these extremes of weather. I'm going to get those Christmas cards done this afternoon. Better start wrapping presents and not wait 'til Christmas eve like you always do. Going to meet Lynn and Char for dinner tonight at Little Italy. And so on and so forth. Which reminds me, we went out with the OR folks last night and had a wonderful time. I was well behaved; I drank 3 glasses of red only.

Last night we were to meet Randy, Mem., Marty and Brenda at the The Place at 1700 for a Holiday toast. We were not planning to attend the main party later at the K of C. Quite a few others showed up to the Place, and April and Tisha cajoled us later into joining the crowd at the main party.

An unanticipated but a wonderful surprise was the arrival of Steve, Ruth-Ann, Jessica, Jesse, and Emily! (Ruth-Ann) is not in this photo

Justin, Amy, April, Tisha, Lauri's hubby, Lauri. Marty front with Giants Jacket.

Maggie in front, Mem-Ann's Randy with finger pointing talking to bartender.

rel buying the next round.

Deb, (those Tom & Jerry's will get you everytime), April, Randy Jesse, Emily, and Jessica.

Sharon-Jo, Kim, D.

Amy, Kim I., April & D., Marty, Judy, John and Kiri.

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Blogger Catch said...

and a good time was had by all!!! I love a festive party!!!

1:03 PM  
Blogger Churlita said...

It looks like your are full of Christmas spirit. That's great. We're getting snow for the next two days, but still probably not as much as you guys.

11:43 AM  
Blogger Peggy Johnstone said...

Ah, yes, more snow! Here on the shores of Lake Michigan we've had over 60" in December alone. Good thing I like winter! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, by the way. I noticed you and I share some literary tastes. I'm on a countdown to Fall 2009 for the last book to be released in the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series. And Eats Shoots and Leaves is sitting next to me on my desk! LOL

8:24 AM  

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