Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This, that & the other thing.

With the recent paper chase I've been on; getting my CV and credentials out to placement agencies. Together with the season's attendant errands, shopping trips, and decorating the house inside and out, I think that I'm losing my mind. For the time being at least, I think I've relocated it, but feel sure it'll get misplaced again. For instance, yesterday afternoon, after numerous trips to the 'Burg for varied and sundry tasks, I was off again to the FedEx office at Rothel's. I had just come back to the house, from the Village clerks office, to pick up D.'s left-over remnants of last year's Christmas center piece which I had offered to drop off at our friends, Basta's flower shop, to be refurbished. While home, I rushed up to the computer to check to see if any emails from Staff care had arrived. Seeing none, I went back down stairs to leave for the 'Burg.
D. "What are you looking for rel?"
rel: "I can't find my brief case, I thought I set it down right here by the table."

Back upstairs I go to look around; nope, no brief case. Downstairs, into the backroom (entryway, former summer kitchen, coat room, etc.); no brief case in sight. I step back into the adjacent kitchen, sighing and looking terribly perplexed.

D.:" rel."
rel: "Yes."
D.: "What's this on your chair?"
rel: "Thanks!" Sheepishly~

I get in the car, the one I scraped the telephone pole with and put a nice dent in a couple of hours ago, and head for town. Nine miles down the road, a thought pops into my head: You forgot the centerpiece fixin's dumbhead!!

I get to Rothel's and give her the packet that needed to by sent out. Then I take it back and remove all the sheets that don't need to go (30 pages from a previous document). Everything copasetic now?

I start to leave and the girl at the counter says, " Aren't you going to take your brief case. "

Whatta ya think? Mind misplaced?~~~ Yeah, me too.

Now, You may all remember my friend Joe Basta from the Roma tomato story from this past summer. Well suffice it to say, that when I stopped in to Basta's on my way home with intentions of ordering a new center piece, Joe was just getting off the phone with my dear wife, and says to me, " D. said to tell you that our conversation shall stay between her and I." It was the ear-to-ear grin that was so disconcerting to me. Anyway, I'll be going back today to bring the remnants back to be refurbished.


I was reading a news piece this morning on the MSN page about Bobby Jindal. You know, the thirty-seven year old, whiz-bang Gov. of Louisiana; the one the media has put the kiss of death on by recognizing him as the next Republican president of the USA. (2012 or 20016). I'll have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel by then, so I really don't give a s......... rat's ass.
Your point?
Oh yes. This isn't about Gov. Jindal, but rather a saying that he likes to use frequently, or so say the media prophets. I know little about the Gov. and Don't mean this to be a comment about his character in anyway. It's just a comment on my reaction to the phrase, no matter who says it:
~Once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity ~

I have a dislike of the phrase, once-in-a-lifetime-opportunities. (OIALO) The phrase immediately creates a feeling of mistrust in my mind and my gut. I envision flim-flam characters, mountebank's if you will, trying to sell me a bill of goods. Whenever I'm told this is a OIALO, I either hang up, if it's a telephone solicitation, or say no thanks X 5. Salesmen trying to sell insurance door-to-door like to use that phrase.

Opportunities come and go, but the important thing to remember is that they always come. If it's a OIALO, it probably isn't worth spit to you.

If a women approached me and offered herself for a OIALO, I'd first say, "no thanks" and further more you need to see a doctor to see about getting a cure.


The morning's paper today says that Governor Patterson is pissing off everyone in the state. Well, they used the word upsetting, but in reading the article I know the reporter was thinking "pissing off". I could just tell, believe me. That headline, and the article screamed to me: Thank God!!!!! Finally a governor who takes his job seriously. One who actually wants to be responsible and send a message to his constituents; we've been irresponsible long enough; it's time to pay the piper and no one, I mean no one, will be exempted! YEAH for you Governor Patterson.

Oh, and as an aside, but believe me a very loud aside; Don't appoint Caroline Kennedy to the almost sure to be vacant NY senate seat just because her last name is Kennedy. Sure, let her throw her name into the hat, this is America, where we don't have royalty or dynasties, but have her print her name as C. Liebfraumilch. How much consideration does she get then? Appoint a democrat? Sure, of course, but not for their name alone.


Last but of utmost importance, in fact, I think it's a story worthy of tomorrow's front page cover story.

rel Helps Save Local Hospital From Financial Failure

By resigning his position on the staff of said local hospital he has single handedly offset this quarter's $285,000.00 shortfall by 75%, possibly salvaging 20 additional layoffs this Christmas season.

Today's second section's headline story:
CHMC Laying Off 20 On Jan. 5.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Blogger Tammy said...

You are just too busy Rel. Happy Holidays and relax. HUG

4:44 PM  
Blogger Churlita said...

That's a lot for one post. I've always been spacey like that. It's not just because I'm old. I just live in my own little world.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous miss meagan said...

So the time has come to slow down eh? I think that would be impossible. I can see the headline now,"63 year old O'burg man defies gravity scaling Mount Everest.."
(Just to prove a point) You will be missed,and good luck rel!!!Oh and keep on writing! :-)

6:48 PM  
Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

I think it's a sign of senile dementia Rel, and I say that because I've got it too. Can I commiserate?

1:48 AM  

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