Friday, June 05, 2009

Yesterday I had some errands to run and one was to get my hair cut. In fact I had decided to get all of them cut. You know; hairs-cut. I walk into the barber shop and pick up a portion of the newspaper to read while I wait. Two minutes after I sit down this tall slim blond girl, whose name escapes at the moment, asks me if I'm a walk in. I nod in the affirmative and she says, "I can take you over here. I say hello to Molly who's cutting, curling, perming, oh hell I don't know; doing something with Barb's hair.

Sitting down in the chair I offer that today I'm going to take it easy on the girl and request a simple cut. "And how do you want it today", she says.
"Shave it all off says I."
"Like you're serious? Really? You want it all cut off, right down to the scalp."
"Yes mam, that'd be it exactly."
She teases, "OK let's start with a Mohawk, you game?"
"Smiling from ear to ear, I say "sure."
Now there is a two inch wide swath of long wispy white hair left fro front to back. She pulls it up and says to Molly, the hair dresser at the next chair, what do you think Moll, put some gel in this and spike it up real good, and we can have a pretty decent punk look don't ya think?
Then she wants to know if anybody had a camera phone so as to record this cut for posterity. All in all we had great fun and entertained everyone in the shop.

When she learned, during the course of our conversation, who my kayaking bud is she offered that she also cuts his hair regularly. I told her to offer him a look-a-like cut to mine the next time he wanders in.

Then it was back to camp and some kayaking.

So what do you think of my Telly look?



Blogger Chipper said...

Ha ha that is great!! Make sure you put sunscreen on your head you wouldn't want a red head. :)

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it - but wear a hat!!! No sunburned head!!!

4:35 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

reminds me of the time my older brother and his best buddy, home from Navy boot camp. marched my 8 year old little butt to Hughs Barber shop for a buzz cut in sub zero winter. frost bite instead of sunburn. jml

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Jewel said...

Looks great. Bald is beautiful. Grass doesn't grow on a busy street. I'll bet the river was beautiful today.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I love it !!!
Looks great !
you know what they say about bald men !!!

8:06 AM  
Blogger paisley said...

i bet it is easy to care for.....

3:59 PM  
Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

Looks good. Actually in that photo, you look the spitting image of my youngest brother...spooky!

1:42 AM  
Blogger Kay said...

I love it! It looks great. What does D think of it?

4:45 AM  
Blogger willow said...

Actually, Rel, you look pretty darn handsome! It suits you well.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Jellyhead said...

I like the bald look, especially if the hair is thinning - looks much better than long hair in some areas and bald in others. (and definitely better than - horror of horrors - the combover!!)

And also, thanks Rel for warmly welcoming me back to blogging :-)

1:36 AM  
Blogger Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Very suave and classy!

I'm going to your FB page to see if I can find the mohawk photos.
That is a MUST.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

5:27 PM  
Blogger Churlita said...

How fun. You should post the mohawk pics.

Do you find yourself saying, "Who loves ya, baby" a lot?

11:01 PM  

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