Sunday, January 02, 2011

 Here we are again: Christmas is done, at least the Santa part is done.  New Years Eve and recovery day are over and we are well on our way to 2012.  Yup, it'll be here before ya know it.  Time to clean up, pack Christmas away and drag everything up to the attic. We'll hold off 'til Thursday, three kings day, before we disassemble the Nativity scene and pack those pieces up to the top most level of the house.

You think I'm kidding about 2012, but how many of you went out the Monday after Christmas to buy discount wrapping paper, ribbon, stickers and decorations for next year at those ridiculously low clearance sales?

We, I say we, but actually Di. does the lions share of the decorating, and this year because we weren't going to be in-house this year most of the decorations stayed in the attic.  My job is to retrieve and replace the boxes to and from the attic (there are no stairs up to the attic), can you say: chin-ups!, at the beginning and end of the season.  Oh, and I get to put out the feed bags for the rodents who think the attic is their private inn with all the comforts there-in provided.  They never complain about the fare so I just keep given it out.  I know, I know, but I'm just a charitable sort of guy.  Some years, most, I put the lights on the tree and play the Christmas Cd's.  I'm real good at stealing peanuts from the home-made peanut brittle while it's cooling, and I can snatch an unfrosted sugar cookie off the tray afore ye can say Jack Robinson.  Ginger bread boys don't stand a chance; I've pilfered them under dark of night from the freezer.  See there?  I do my part.

Onward and upward; got plenty to do before next Christmas; weekend after next we'll take a kite flight to Albany to assist our daughter and her husband move into the new home they just closed on last week or so ago.

Then it's the firemen's banquet at the end of the month, then Michelle's birthday, then Valentines day Then oh darn I've got to quit blogging so I can get ready for next year, it'll be here before you know it.

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Blogger Jingle said...

happy new year.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Jingle said...

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Blogger Bee's Blog said...

Wake up sunshine! It's here!

12:43 PM  
Blogger Churlita said...

that's a lot of work. I bet it all seems worth it to set the mood.

4:02 PM  

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