Sunday, January 08, 2012

Finding inspiration in Thin Air;

 Picking out a time slot to write that you can adhere to so that it will become a habit.  Test the waters they said: see how well you handle four or five hours of writing at one sitting!  Are you fucking shitting me?  Oh and they go on to say;  "You may find that only two hours a day works best for you."
Listen jerks, I like to write and I spend time everyday doing some writing.  Maybe I write for five minutes.  Maybe longer, but 4 or 5 hours/ not on your life.  You must enjoy writing prescriptions for failure.  Maybe that's all you have to do but I have a real job that reliably pays real money and a lot of it besides. Staying current in my profession requires a few hours study every week so I don't have a Michael Jackson catastrophe on my watch.  Not only that, I like to work out daily; you know, walk, run, lift weights, do push-ups and that sort of activity.  I don't need to do that everyday for 4 to 5 hours to become healthier, stronger, more fit than most people my age.... thank God, or I'd let that go by the wayside.  Habit you say?  Well I haven't missed many exercise sessions in the last 18 years; maybe a day here and there but otherwise I'm as regular as a bowel movement.  Oh and did I mention that I have an hour drive each way to work every day? And in that two hours I manage to listen to audio books to add to my reading. Eating takes up a couple hours a day and obviously I need more (6 - 7 hrs.) sleep every night than you do.  Shoveling snow, when necessary, takes an hour or more per session.  I contribute a large number of hours to my vegetable garden from May through October and like to kayak the rivers around my neighborhood a few hours at a go when I can find calm water and "free" time.  Add in time to socialize with family, friends and neighbors, travel to exotic places, and don't forget Facebook obligations and I'm at a loss for where you, dip-wad, think I'm going to find 4 or 5 hours a day to sit and write in order to make writing a habit.

Mornings are my most productive time and I attend to most of my non work related activity during those hours.  Recently I completed a course in Creative Nonfiction and wrote and revised  many pages of a memoir in the three months the course lasted.  For a final grade I had to submit 25 to 30 pages of a finished product plus critique 5 to 7 books assigned.  While I may have spent upwards to 2 hours at a session on a weekend day it was not a daily phenomenon.  I received  an A in that course and by your idiotic standard should have received an F.

Let me suggest that in your next revised edition in the chapter/page January 3rd you might rather suggest the following:  Pick a time of day that you can reliably spend 15 to 30 minutes a day devoted to writing, more if the spirit moves you and time permits.  The important thing here is to come to the page for some minutes everyday.  Don't set a goal so undoable as to undermine your resolution to write everyday.


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