Friday, January 20, 2012

Whoa Nellie.......

Last night's snow storm left a meager dusting to 1/2 inch on the ground but the impressive part was that it fell in it's entirety over just a few minutes.  Which would lead one, at least the one called me, to ask why blog about it?  Because I think it's the first time I've been driving in such blinding whiteness.

Driving home from a friends home where I had been invited to share a delicious repast, I was tootling along at 55 - 60 when I noticed a spitting of snow wafting across the windshield.  I'm about 6 miles from home.  Within a minute to a minute and a half I'm impressed with the growing ferocity of both the wind and the thickening cloud of white buffeting my vision.  I was sure it was a momentary gust and would subside soon, but rather, it intensified to the point where I was able to discern where my windshield was only by noting where the snow stopped.

I could not see the hood of my car let alone the road, which of course by now was covered with a blanket of white making it doubly difficult to make out the road..  I could make out the shoulder and so slowed to 5 -10 miles per hour in the attempt to stay on my side of the road.  Fortunately there was little traffic; none that was near enough behind for me to fear a rear ending, but I did put on my four way flashers.  I met a half dozen cars proceeding toward me with the same precaution and making out their head lights and flashers was only possible when they were near 500 yards away.  It was difficult to stay in my lane, like being in a limbo of sorts.  I did so and in 5 minutes or so I was at the local gas station where I pulled in and refueled.

When I pulled back onto the highway, for the remaining 1.5 mile drive to my own garage, the storm had abated completely. 

I'm happy that I didn't have far to go and that the storm was short lived.



Blogger HyperCRYPTICal said...

Snow whiteouts are scary stuff - glad you made it home safe!

Anna :o]

5:59 PM  

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