Wednesday, October 09, 2013

President Obama has a vision of what he would like to see develop in the United States.  He called it Hope and change when he ran for office.  Somewhat ambiguous since everybody wants to see some changes made to make “their” world better.  This ambiguity makes it possible to meet everyone’s needs.  As time has progressed the changes have become less ambiguous and I find myself at odds with what he wants for our country.  I see a shift away from the principles I was raised under; the same system my ancestors came here to enjoy and raised their families under.

I see our constitution and our Declaration of Independence undermined slowly but insidiously.  The Bill of Rights is attacked on a weekly basis now. Only certain journalist can enjoy the first amendment.  The 2nd amendment is under attack daily.  Christianity is being erased from our culture and freedom of religion is being threatened.  Our reputation, worldwide, is being tarnished monthly.

This is not the “change” I hoped for.  A dismal job market and floundering economy for more than 5 years is disgraceful.  His “signature achievement,” his affordable care act sounded good when he spread his false definition of it to us in the beginning, but my skepticism flared when Speaker Pelosi said we’d have to pass it to find out what was in it.  To this day I think there is still more that we have to learn about it.  I’m afraid of it.  In a bygone era he would have been a successful patent medicine peddler, relying on empty promises while fleecing you of your hard earned money.

With this current crisis, the “shutdown” he has shown himself, to me, as a petty, selfish, mean spirited egotist with little respect for long cherished culture and traditions of America.  His disdain for Foreign Service, Military, both active and veteran, Elderly, and Christians shows itself the more his will is thwarted.  His lack of character is displayed by his blaming every failure or barricade on someone or something else.  He bankrupts the country and wants us to bail him out.

Without all the dire accusation and comparisons to evil dictators of the recent past in other countries, I see a petty, small minded puppet unable to tell the truth or make any changes to better America.  In short; he presents himself as an in ineffectual leader want to be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very sad and well said Dad.

5:20 PM  
Blogger Robyn Lee said...

Wow! That's putting it out there, Rel. Unfortunately the way we get views of what's happening in the US is by way of FB (and there are varying differences of opinion there) and our news service, which is fairly bland with regard to the shutdown. However, I guess they can only pass on what they're able to find out.

As for the lack of principles we were raised by...I think that's a worldwide epidemic and a lot of the younger generations don't care one way or another. However, there are some more thoughtful people in the younger generations and when I come across them, I have hope.

We can only pray.

1:48 AM  
Blogger Lee said...

Well said,'s my belief many voted Obama in because he was, and I repeat "was" a good orator. But since he was first voted in he hasn't lived up to the image people had of him...and his words hold little water these days.

Talk is good, but action has to back up the talk. And not action that's harmful to one's nation.

The people of the US won't continue to allow their traditions to be trashed. There is a line....

What is it about the Liberals - who are the equivalent to our Labor Party here in this country...both have absolutely no idea how to run the finances/budgets of the country they're supposed to be the CEOs of?

And another thing...throughout the decades, the US has loaned so much money to other much of that money has the US received back? Very little, I imagine. The US should call in its debts. Everyone puts their hands out and take it for granted that the States will come to the doesn't work that way.

Obama could be likened to the Silent Assassin.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your post, I guess my question is what are we that agree doing about it? We have a generation coming up that don't see any hope in empty words and aren't sure where to turn because of adults who are shrugging their shoulders because they are so concerned about themselves and can't look past their own noses. Change will only come when people turn from what they've been doing and look to the only one who can help.

10:55 AM  

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