Friday, January 03, 2014

Snow shoeing in January, Or, moving to Dansville

Last year, about this time (early into January), I was preparing to move to Dansville, NY to start a job.  Since I was moving myself, in my Trailblazer, to an unfurnished apartment, space was at a premium.  I called my Chief CRNA and asked her if they had any snow down there in the southern tier.  She assured me that yes they had snow and asked why I was inquiring.  "I'm just wondering whether to pack my snowshoes and cross country skis," I said.  
"Bring them along," she replied.

Today, as the frigid air mass and snow storm labeled "Hercules" by the Weather Service begins to pass eastward leaving behind a hefty accumulation of snow and temps in the minus degrees, I'm reminded of the day I moved into my apartment one year ago.  It was Saturday the 12th of January and the outside temperature was 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  There was nary a flake of snow to be found.  I stored my snow shoes in my assigned basement storage space and never removed them until spring when I returned them to my garage in northern New York, where they are still hanging on the wall today as I speak.

Today, if the weather forecast is accurate, I will trek north from Dansville with my wife and mother-in-law, who have been staying with me in my one bedroom apartment for the past week.  I wonder if Sunday next I should bring my snow shoes back with me.

What say you?


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