Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cyberspace and the Internet.

Cyberspace and Internet

Cyberspace continues to impress me.  Life for a procrastinator is simplified when they have access to a device that allows them to travel in cyberspace; laptop, computer, smartphone, iPad, and Kindle/fire, Oh, and Amazon Prime's two day free shipping.

Yesterday we set out early, for a road trip, to spend my wife's birthday weekend with our youngest and his family, whose five year old is also celebrating her birthday this weekend.  About half way there we stop at a "Bob Evan's" for breakfast.  While waiting for our orders, we both pull out our android smart phones. While checking my email, I open one from FTD with a reminder; today is Diane's birthday, and a click on: shop now. I started the process of ordering some flowers on my phone, but stopped when breakfast arrived.

Later, after we arrived at our destination, I opened my iPad and continued the process of ordering a flower arrangement.  I'm still in awe that one can enter the ether and order something, in this case, flowers and have them delivered the same day.  The transaction was completed by 9 a.M..

At three thirty I receive an email saying that the flowers had been delivered.  However there were no flowers in evidence.  The email provided an phone number to call and doing so I discussed my delema with representative Melanie.  She put me on hold for a couple minutes while she called the florist charged with delivering said order.  She came back on and said that the email confirming delivery was sent when the flowers were placed in the delivery vehicle, and that they would be delivered as promised.  Two hours later, voila, the flowers were delivered.


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