Sunday, February 15, 2015

Windchill Armageddon

My oh my, woe is I.
The weather channels,
Soothsayers of doom,
Foretell windchill Armageddon
While traveling to my workplace abode.

Where moments of outside exposure
Will turn you into a shattered
Crystal chandelier.

Yup, it's cold. Something we, living on the border of Canada, should be accustomed to in these months of winter; January and February at least.  Temperatures dipping into double digit below freezing numbers are routine for any of us having accumulated an age greater than 10.

We are familiar with the concept of wind chill factor, knowing that windchill does not lower the temperature.  If the temperature is 10 below zero it remains so regardless of whether the the wind is 20 mph.  If you stand exposed to the wind then the speed at which your body loses heat will be as rapid as if the temperature were much lower.  If you position yourself behind the shelter of buildings, trees, cars, or clothing, the temperature is static.

But if we stick with the facts the media loses the impact of the sensationalism they think is necessary to grab our attention.

It's winter, it's cold, dress protectively, cover exposed skin, don't go swimming in the river without a dry suit.  Go to the coat closet and don a parka of common-sense and you'll be fine.  And after traveling 4 hours southwest I'll be able to boast that I survived the trip through zippity billion degrees below zero!


Blogger James Ford said...

Current temp in Pittsburgh, Pa is -2 degrees with wind chill of -20 below zero.
Most people depend on and are totally decived by the media. Sensationalized panicky situations delivered in sincere fashion in the sake of high television ratings (higher ratings eual higher revenue in advertising rates...capitalism at the expense of truth).
Stay warm, be safe, don't take the alarmists lack of credibility as gospel truth.

8:30 AM  

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