Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"No one is irreplaceable."

A couple of "old sayings" have been bouncing off the inside walls of my cranium the last few days;  "No one is irreplaceable", and this morning, in the shower, "“ The graveyards are full of indispensable men. ”
Then I remembered that rule breaker that we all ran head-on into in school; "the exception that breaks the rule."
We, each one, is unique and bring a special something to the arena.  When ever anyone leaves, the dynamic of the group changes.......

The change can be viewed by those, of the group, remaining as good or bad, but never the same.  So why do we hear the comment, "no one is irreplaceable?"  We've all encountered the person who acts like they are the be all and end all, their shit don't stink, the know-it-all or the person who says "you can't survive without me."  They are at all levels from CEOs to janitors.  And so it is to these egotistical  co-workers that the saying is appropriate.  We may wish secretly, or even express out loud to those of like mind, and even in moments of exasperation to the offending person in person, "go ahead leave, please, "no one is irreplaceable."

On the other hand, we've all experienced (at least I hope you've experienced) the person who makes a positive contribution to our lives; personal and in the work place.  They are the ones who go above and beyond to improve everybody's lot, and rather than take credit for improvements, usually give accolades to others.  They are a ray of sunshine in our lives; their presence alone lifts us and makes us a little more positive, they always offer a smile and notice us in a complimentary way.  They do more than their share and rarely if every complain; they see the glass as half full.  Do we say to this person, "I wish you'd leave, you know no body's irreplaceable."  Hell we aren't even jealous of these people.  We might envy their good mood, and wonder at how somebody can always be upbeat, but there is no resentment.  In instances when these bright lights leave us, we may well recall the adage, "nothing good last forever."

Being replaceable means that someone can take your position, your job, and do it as well or not, or even better than you.  This can be in any venue.  But no one will ever mistake the replacement for you.  YOU are irreplaceable.  And graveyards are full of irreplaceable: parents, children, spouses, best friends, and pets; all indispensable.

Be the exception that "proves" (tests) the rule.


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