Thursday, July 30, 2015


He didn't have to ask, he knew where to find it; he grew up there, on the corner of Cockamamie St. and Gilhoolie Dr.. The ramshackle shed beckoned, for yet another time.
Inside he found an old candy counter rescued, from Aunt Nell's Confectionary, before it was demolished by "Urban Renewal." By it's lonesome, under the glass sat a newspaper wrapped packet, dusty and faded.
Blowing and wiping, gently, the dust away He saw a date on the paper; 1866. unwrapping the newsprint he found inside just what he knew would be there; a packet labeled: Doldrums.
A convenience store was, just down the street, on the way back to his room. To go with the packet of doldrums he purchased a cigar and a fifth of gin. .....
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