Sunday, January 03, 2016

Good things happen everyday

Daily journal of positive happenings.

Post date; January 1st,
Totally cleaned and readied my apartment for hiatus.
Uneventful 4 hour drive through predicted snow event.  Missed it by a couple of hours.

January 2;
Awakened, well, for the 25,668th time!!!!!!

Took a couple of good landscape photos + a satisfying self portrait in my "writer's hat.  Cartoonized said photo, and like it too. Diane said it made me look like a black man; Bill Cosby?

Took Christmas tree Down and boxed it up; stored back in the garage.

Made a new omelet with (cleverfoodies  TM) Mediterranean Scramble.

Spent a good portion of the day rummaging through papers, and photos in my office/den.  Located the triple exposure selfie taken, circa depression era, by my maternal grandfather; Clayton Earl Lackey.

Had a convivial visit from Jennifer VT, and Scott Bailey who brought us a crock of butternut soup with some pumpkin seeds to roast as an accompanying garnish.
Diane  gave Jen a rocking chair from Mrs. Ericsson's that Diane had refinished and re-caned.

Did three loads of laundry from  Dansville and ironed two pairs of pants.

Watched three episodes of Chicago Fire with Diane, drank a rum and eggnog, and had some Apothic red wine throughout the evening, starting with supper.

Smoke a cigar; made it last all day.


Blogger Lee said...

I always watch "Chicago Fire"...I like that show. I like rum, too...dark rum...and I like dark rum eggnogs, too. I like red wine, too.

Do you hear that knock on your's me! Hurry up an open the door...but pour me a rum eggnog before you do - please! :)

8:47 PM  

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