Monday, April 18, 2016

As Usual

A perfect morning
after a quintessential Spring day
brings the usual
jumble of thoughts.

awakened to alarm buzz
with satisfactory feelings
of eight hours sleep
dotted with awareness.

Trodding to the loo,
fix a cup-a coffee,
turn on burner under oatmeal,
check Facebook, email.

Clear night sky
Sprinkled with stars.
Almost full moon
Sinking, cloud misted, in the west.

The morning's chill
A pleasant relief
From the welcome
But stifling heat of last evening.

Focus, focus, focus
Commanding disconnected
Thoughts into orderly
Queue of saneness.

Make the bed,
hot shower,
Walk to work.

Always lurking
Creeping to the fore,
Images, thoughts
pleasant but distracting.

What serendipity
Awaits the inexorable
March of time, this
April day.


Blogger Lee said...

Almost a duplicate of my day! :)

12:22 AM  

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