Saturday, April 23, 2016

Iambic pentameter

Pink moon

The full moon hiding under cloud dappled
Sky, winks seductively when winds pass by.
Listen, attentive to dove's mating cry,
Watches the sun rise at the eastern rim.
Thinking my ardor nothing more than whim.


Dawn chorus

As I, an enjoyer and listener
Of music created solely by birds,
Sitting on my porch as dawn's maestro
Conducts Spring's eternal mating warbles.
Ephemeral performances repeat;n
Anticipating new life, new beginnings.



Hardy, bold, and brash; rhubarb sprouts by grass.
Brilliant green, Ruby red, portends a.. sour end.
Yet girls and boys, powerless to bypass,
With sugared palms to which a sweetness lend.


Bird feeder blues

Squirrels, buntings, finches flock to feeders,
Eating sunflower, thistle seed and corn.
Setting moon, rising sun are day's cheerleaders.
No feather bathing yet this icy April morn.


Blogger Lee said...

You have been busy! Well done! :)

5:49 PM  

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