Saturday, April 16, 2016

On a spring day

Chuck-of-the- wood came for a visit here
While I ate my lunch and drank my beer.
When the wind my plate did blow
He stopped by the wall to say hello.

When I towards him began to jog
He scurried away, this brown groundhog.
Into the woodshed he did flee
Safely hiding away from me.

Returning to my bistro chair
Mr. Whistlepig scampered away from there.
I did not after him give chase,
Knowing I could not win the race.

After Woody made his quick escape
I turned to gaze on Spring's landscape.
Birds twitter in trees abound,
While robins hop and peck the ground.

The mister puffed his bright red breast.
And missus foraged to build their nest.
On his mind were thoughts robust;
To mount this chick and give her thrust.

She of the more practical sort
Showed little interest in her consort.
Glancing up with wary eye,
She feigned to me of being shy.


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