Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sonnet for Crabby Appleton

Crabby Appleton,, the old man next door,
Mister Keeler was his name; I'm not sure.
He tormented Jeff, or other way round?
When into his yard li'l Jeffrey would bound
Like Tom Terrific and faithful Manfred,
Keeler would appear, with his face all red
Yelling and spewing; you, get the hell home.
Jeff kept going, because he loved to roam.
Then he'd come home with an ear to ear grin;
I Pissed Crabby Appleton off again.
Poor little Jeff, with a heart of pure gold,
And crabby Keeler, crotchety and old
Gave each other, Perhaps you will believe;
They gave each other good reason to breath.


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