Sunday, April 10, 2016

The funeral

Went to his funeral yesterday.
It was a fine affair
Many came, their respects to pay;
Nieces and nephew led us in prayer.

The priest did well his part.
The speakers stuttered and paused
When at certain points, tears would start,
Grief that many memories caused.

Birthday party, an alter boy,
Family portrait, a little dog.
His quirky smile of inner joy
Would stir the past, memory jog.

He wasn't there, he'd moved on.
Oh, his ashes before us laid
With flowers, and art work he had done.
The soulful sounds the music made.

The hymns he'd chosen on CD found
Played upon the air;
Amazing Grace how sweet the sound
Plucked at heart strings bare.

At the finish, at the end
He fetched the bluebirds to the sky.
We followed to rainbow's bend
and watched his spirit fly.


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