Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Paris to Prague with our Texas granddaughters

Two years ago we decided to combine a meeting and a vacation/Christmas present for our two Texas granddaughters.  The meeting was held at the Disney complex in Orlando Florida.  During our stay there we had a conversation during which I said I'd like to take the girls on a trip to France.  They were enthusiastic and so I promised.
The following year, their Aunt Michelle decided to get Married in Las Vegas And we thought we'd best attend so a trip to France with the girls was postponed; they understood.  Last year their father decided to remarry in South Texas and we again thought that we should attend.  Trip to France put off once again; they understood.

This year we're going!!

( we did mention to J, and Kristy that if they decided to get married this year we would be in France, with our Texas granddaughters, so they could get married there or do without us; they understood. ;))

We will leave in a short while; 6 or so hours to fly to Albany to pick up our granddaughters who have been visiting with auntie Michelle for two days.  Together we will continue on to Boston.
Tonight we will depart Boston and arrive in Paris tomorrow morning at 1130.

Rather than confine this excursion to just Paris or even France for that matter, we decided to give the girls a more comprehensive view of Europe.  That fact led us to book a river cruise from Paris to Prague.  You may, after consulting your map question whether or not this can be possible since there is no river that follows that course.  Well with imagination and the assistance of Viking River Cruise we were able to include a 2 day visit to the city of Light, Paris and a concluding 2 day visit in Prague with a scenic cruise along the Mosell river through Germany.  To get to the starting port of Trier we must pass through the country of Luxembourg so the Viking people will shuttle us to the city of Luxembourg and we will visit the cemetery there: Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial, On 22 occasions two brothers rest side-by-side in adjacent graves. Most of the interred died during the Battle of the Bulge which was fought nearby in winter 1944/spring 1945.

The four of us are excited to get on our way and are planning to have a fun filled trip.

so until we return to regale you with accounts of our once in a life time trip:

au revoir
auf Wiedersehen
na shledanou