Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nobody likes sore losers

The 2016 election for president of the USA is over.  Our electoral college put it in the books.  Like it or not, Donald Trump is going to be our 45th president.

There was quite a hullabaloo created in the time between the election and the electoral college vote 5 weeks later.  A large cadre of people decried the election results, screaming fraud, unfairness; their candidate won the popular vote, and the Russians made it happen.

Their shock and anger is understandable. Their candidate was a shoo-in.  As the November 8th Election Day approached, die hard supporters of Donald Trump, even Trump himself, believed he'd lose.

In the aftermath of his crushing electoral victory and his opponents crying foul, I'm reminded of the game of baseball; America's game.  All the players, or teams, if you will, agreed beforehand to the ground rules in place and to accept the umpire's decisions.  Well, except for the eventual winner. He didn't commit to accepting the umpire's rule; calling the system rigged.  His opponent called him out on that saying he must accept the rules of the game!

But, all the teams in the playoff accepted the rules, long ago established.  So on Nov. 8th, 2016 the World Series of politics came down to the final game.  It was agreed to by both sides that who ever scored 270 runs (electoral votes) or more, would be the winner.

Now I'm recalling Ernest Thayer's 1888 poem, mighty Casey at the bat.
It was assumed by the most vocal of fans that Mighty Casey would hit the ball out of the park, and that homer run would give Mudville the win.

But Trump's Opponent i.e. Casey, egotistical, too big to fail, Casey struck out; Mudville lost.

Now Casey's fans cry foul, fraud, kill the umpire!!

You lost Mudville, you lost.

Put your has been star on the bench and start building a new team for the next championship game in four years.

Whining and crying only diminishes you and exposes your weaknesses.