Thursday, June 22, 2017


I got up at 0404 this morning to watch the sun rise; turning the black and white landscape into a Kodachrome vista.
At 0444 I think, many of our friends and neighbors watch and photograph the stunning sunsets on the river. Far fewer get to see the spectacular dawn.  Just me and the crows cawwling out our praise of the rising sun.

The old dock is gone, only crib remnants remain; bobbing with the waves. Our only reminder of what once was.  Most mornings, like today's, the river is calm, a a reflecting mirror for the morning light.

It's quiet now; crows satisfied with their waking call to the neighborhood.   Across the mile wide river a Canada Rail train whistles in the distance it's passing, and a blue heron glides by just inches above the placid surface of the water.

Steaming coffee, humming refrigerator, tinkling in the water closet: morning, short lived but oh so striking.

In all the world, I'm truly blessed.