Friday, January 29, 2021


On the 16th of December I had a surgical scrotal hydrocelectomy performed at the Englewood, Florida hospital by Dr. Martz, D.O.. at the time the size of my scrotum (like a coconut size) was as disconcerting as it was embarrasing. This was not a new problem since I had had recurring hydrocele drainings (X3) by Dr. Lars Thompson at his Canton office. And had just had it drained immediately before coming to Florida for our 6 month stay. The unusual rapid increase in size prompted me to contact Dr. Martz, a local Urologist, to schedule a surgical intervention to repair this recurring hydrocele once and for all. The entire experience from 1st office visit through pre-op preperations to day of surgery could not have been better. As well, the home health visits post op by Gail Worley Public health BSN, were professional and efficient, as well as friendly. My post op visit with Dr. Martz on 31 December went well. we were both concerned that there was still a good amount of filling in the scrotal sac but would give it time to resolve on it's own. He showed me photos he'd taken during my surgery and I was duly impressed by the enormity of my hydrocele, and the extent of tissue inflammation and swelling of the tissue lining the inside of my scrotum. Alas, although rare, a recurrence of my scrotal swelling on the same side as the original hydrocele has developed "gradually" over the 6 weeks since my surgery. Thus I called Dr. Martz office this morning, (29 January, 2021,) and am waiting for a return call from his nurse. While much smaller than it was in December, it is still the size of a baseball, maybe a little larger and much firmer than before even at the greatest extent of the swelling. Not a good developement and I will be surprised if this doesn't lead to another surgical intervention.

Off to have a cat scan of my pelvis this morning, scheduled for 9am.  It was ordered by Dr. Martz, urologist, after being briefed by his nurse after our phone conversation on Friday 29 January,2021.  She, Jenn, called back on Monday, 1 February to relay the info.  After Dr. Martz reviews the result of the CT scan we will decide on how to proceed.