Sunday, September 16, 2012


This is a story of Limerace Orgilis Le Beau, an accountant who lives in Paris France.

He wakes up late for work one morning and rushes to get to the metro because he despises the crush of the crowd. Once he's on the train he finds himself crushed up against a beautiful young women who reminds him of his new boss upon whom he has a crush.

Arriving at work he is told to go to the boss's office. Therein he expects romantic (lustful) activity to occur. Tongue tied and perspiring with stirring in his crotch he is crushed when she
summarily fires him! He is crushed to say the least. In fact he begins to experience a crushing sensation in his chest. He blacks out, waking up in an ICU at the American Hospital.

Sitting beside his bed is his girl friend. The room is full of color, orange color, brilliant orange color. He drifts in and out of consciousness. He holds his girl friend's hand.

A steady intermittent sound filters into his consciousness. Wondering what the noise is, he becomes more and more awake, realizing it is his radio alarm. The sunrise's orange light is streaming through the bedroom window directly in his face, and the song on the radio is "CRUSH" by the Dave Matthews band..

He rolls over cuddles and caresses his girlfriend awake, knowing he has plenty of time for a "little" and still beat the early morning crush at the metro. Basking in the afterglow of their love making, she asks him what he thinks of the new boss. He says he has a meeting with him first thing this morning to discuss his promotion.

As he leaves the apartment gazing at the magnificent nude figure of his love, he says, "Dinner at Les Deux Magots tonight?" Au revoir ma cher, je t'aime, bonjournee ;-)"