Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin!

The naming of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate by Senator John McCain has revitalized this writer's enthusiasm in American politics. For the first time since JFK was elected President of the United States, do I feel that there really is an honest from the heart politician who walks the walk and only then talks the talk.

Sen. McCain did what Sen. Obama didn't have the courage to do: name a strong, uber-qualified woman as his choice for a vice president.

I have not been a supporter of Sen. Barak Obama's presidential bid. I like him ok, based on the media portrayal of him. To me his only accomplishment is to have energized this nation's youth to take an interest in politics. That is no small accomplishment. Aside from that, I see the same old politics from the democrats and the Obama camp. He comes across to me as the anti-Bush candidate. Otherwise he is touting the same old platitudes and slight of hand speeches to excite the crowd. You know the deal; we've all seen the same drama at hundreds of pep rallies around the country for high school and college football games.

Prior the the Dems. convention, my wife and I were discussing the impending presidential election in the United States. I'll preface this by letting you know that I've supported Sen. John McCain's bid for the presidency since he ran for the nomination in 2000... I fully intended to vote for him in this 2008 election. I did have some reservations vis-a-vie his age, but I feel I owe him. That said, I went on to predict that Sen. Obama had a good chance to win the presidency, and that if he had the intelligence to choose Sen. Hillary Clinton as his running mate, they would literally run away with the election.. He showed his fear and lack of willingness to take risk to obtain his goals when he went back to the old school politics as usual and Chose Sen. Bidin. My picture of Sen. Joseph Biden will always be how he disenfranchised Anita Hill, when as chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee he allowed the committee to give Clarence Thomas a free pass. (Just another example of the good-'ol-boy system.) But the Media, even the conservative Fox News, gave Sen. Biden good marks and admitted that he might very well enhance Sen. Obama's canidacy.

I continued to believe that this newly created "made for TV, once every four year reality show",
would favor Sen. Obama. I resigned myself to his impending presidency. But I allowed myself to hope that he would, infact, change the face of American politics.

Then, then, yes then, my hero, my candidate, showed the metal he has always employed all his life. John McCain the Senator, the Fighter pilot, the prisoner of war who refused special dispensation and endured his torture for his country, has the courage, the savvy, the intelligence to chose a vice presidential candidate who epitomizes the American dream; the take the bull by the horns, stand up for yourself, take responsibility for your choices, work hard for what you want, don't look for hand outs, who walks the walk. Sarah Palin sets the the example. She doesn't say what she wants to do, what she she's going to do, no, she just does it.

Sen. Obama's canidacy is in Big trouble and they know it. If you don't believe that, just watch the down and dirty shit tossing campaign the dems are going to escalate..

The youth of America are energized, I'm energized and enthusiastic about American politics for the first time in over forty years. Stay tuned.........

Oh, by-the-way if you've read this far and if you're wondering if The McCain ticket can attract the young voter's attention, check out this twenty-one year old's blog:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gratitude Tuesday

I'm thankful that I fall asleep instantly.

I'm thankful that I wake up.

I go to sleep at eight o'clock pm
I awake at twelve midnight.
Totally awake, mind akimbo with thoughts of yesterday today and tomorrow.
I'm wide awake. Refreshingly awake.

I fall asleep at two thirty am.
I wake at three thirty: one half hour before my alarm will ring.
I arise disjointed,
Mentally and physically sluggish.

I start the day;
But tired?

Thank you for another day!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The relationship
Had now become a habit.
Bored; cost to settle Stained glass eye by ~montanamudd

Standing in the lunch line, paying for my sandwich, I glimpsed her profile through the colored glass panels surrounding the top of the booth she shared with her companion.

Finally recognizing her, I turned back to the cashier to pay.

"How much, did you say?" I asked.

"What or who were you staring at?" she replied.

"Hmmm, what?"

"Never mind. That'll be $2.98, please."

" Oh, I was just trying to figure out who was on the otherside of the stained glass."

Handing the girl a fiver, I thought; Oh, Lily, how forlorn you look sitting there sipping your tea. You seem so bored with your companion's kibitzing with every passer-by that stops to glad hand him. I remember what you were like just before you found out that your husband, Timmy, was having an affair with that high-schooler. You were beautiful, vivacious, and full of exuberance. You were excited about climbing the career ladder in nursing and everything was rosy.

I remember your companion, Carl, at that time too. A rising star in the political world and a powerful player in the hospital's management team. And how he too lost his zest for life when he caught his wife in bed with that CO she'd been banging for months.

How sad I feel to see the two of you, so unsuited to each other, who've chosen to settle for a mediocre relationship, just for the sake of having one. I've seen the two of you together many times socially and believe me I know; there is no love or excitement in this relationship each of you chose, only a sad habit.

"Thank-you sir". says the smiling cashier, handing me two dollars and two cents.

" You're very welcome", I reply, and you can keep the two cents.

Turning away from the booth I leave the cafeteria pondering: Is it OK to settle?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

As we look deeply within, we understand our perfect balance. There is no fear of the cycle of birth, life and death. For when you stand in the present moment, you are timeless. - Rodney Yee
Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. - Eckhart Tolle
Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy. - Sarah Ban Breathnach


Monday, August 18, 2008

Death Observed
Before the sperm meets the egg; are we?
After the last breath is taken; are we?

Aunt Josie died circa 1955. I would have been around ten. She'd been dying for quite awhile. She lived across the street from our house with her son, Buck and his wife Irene. I don't know why she stopped living with the Major, her husband who lived only a few blocks away, up in the shipyard. It never occurred to me to ask why, or if I did, some innocuous answer quelled any further questions on my part. As long as I knew her, she lived across the street at Buck's. Seems to me she was always sickly. Mainly a debilitating arthritis; the knobby knuckle type. Rheumatoid I think it's called today. In good weather she spent most days on the side porch with her dog Tippy, a toy Fox Terrier, entertaining friends and neighbors alike with tales of the "good-'ol-days. During the winter months she sat on the couch in the parlor listening to the radio and later watching the little 12 inch black and white Motorola TV. I also remember she and her sisters played cards a couple nights a week. Keno I think, for nickles and dimes.

When she got nearer to her end time, everyone; relatives, neighbors and friends were well aware. In those days we had the neighborhood grapevine: the party-line telephone.
A person's dying in those days was a community event. Everyone came 'round to Buck and Irene's to pay their respects, say their goodbyes and ask and give forgivenesses for past indiscretions, and so on and like that there.

After she died, the couch, that she sat on in the parlor, was relocated and the casket in which she was laid out took it's place. Folks, including us youngsters, came to view the body of Aunt Josie. I think I must have viewed it a hundred times. Just wanted to see what dead was. It was like a family reunion with all the relatives and there was food enough to feed an army. While the old folks commiserated we kids played tag and hide-an-go-seek out side. Some of us took time out to pet and comfort Tippy. Funerals in those days were a great opportunity to meet cousins you'd only heard about here-to-fore. Let me tell you, some of the older girl cousins were real knockouts!

Dying was a part of daily life, like going to work, gardening, and eating meals; everybody did it and your turn would come 'round one day too. It was accepted just like the sun rising every morning was accepted. Death wasn't hidden away in those days, and kept separate from the living.
'Course some deaths were sadder than others. 'Specially if the deceased was young. I remember Aunt Josie's grandson Timmy dying in a construction accident. his wife and 5 kids were devastated.

Cinnamon is dying. He's our Siamese cat. He's been steadily declining for weeks and I don't think he's got too many days left. He knows his days are numbered and he's OK with that and so are we. He seems comfortable, and sleeps most of the time. He's eighteen. (Jacob went online to find out how to calculate cat years to the human equivilant, and says Cinn is in his late eighties.)

When we're here, we are!
When we're not, we aren't.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our friend Bonnie is stretching her wings; first she tried kayaking and now, after following the Microscope anonymously for a year or so, she's delving into the blog publishing world herself.
Stop by and give here a hearty welcome here if you're a mind to.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Words from a wrinkled, old white haired dude:

Went to Buel Street Bistro in Brockville on Friday night with
the Heiss clan which gave us the opportunity to meet Alba, Skye's friend from Spain, whom he met while studying German in Austria.

The weekend was superb. The weatherman, Rick, was wrong. I've got these weather guys figured out: They forecast rain, (80% for Saturday and 70% for Sunday) then if it rains they say, see, I told you. If it doesn't rain, (which it didn't on either day) who cares if he's wrong.

I did a lot of reading....all day Saturday, and finished the book on Sunday.

Went for a little kayak ride Sunday afternoon with D. and we came upon a deer drinking. We were downwind so got within 10 to 12 feet of her before she noticed us. We sat still as a stone and she watched us warily for 3 or 4 minutes before deciding to leap back into the underbrush and surer safety. We, the two camera Nazis, both forgot our cameras....duh!

Earlier in the day on Sunday, BW decided to try kayaking for the first time. As D. says, she's a natural. She got in and out with style and grace and nary a spill.
I think another kayaker has been recruited!

The recruiter/teacher.

The new recruit, showing off her paddling skills.

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Friday, August 08, 2008


You've walked the walk!!
It was a long hard haul.
You persevered......
We are proud of you and your accomplishments.

Congratulations on completing the requirements for your MBA
Mom & Dad

Jay, D., rel

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's Wednesday Morning and it's raining!
(That's new?)
There's thunder rumbling off to the west,
but not far enough off
to make me feel confident enough
to slide my kayak in to the river
for a morning paddle.

Thunder, lightning forecast:
70% chance.
Guess I'll drive today.

To my Anonymous (BW) commenter:
HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! (Aug 3rd).
Is it 40th or 41st?

After working
All night on Monday,
I went for a 3 hour paddle
yesterday morning.
I'd forgotten just how
magnificent that feels.

Monday, August 04, 2008

A visit to Cormorantville

Just down the road from Gull City

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Set your guilt Free by ~lollirotten-emma

Do I Have To?

Do I have to feel guilty
For the thoughts I hold inside?
And when, unbidden, there you pried,
Do I have to feel guilty
For the feelings you now abide?

Do I have to say I'm sorry
For the feelings you choose to hold?
Or if the day is ruined; and more days, untold.
Do I have to feel sorry,
Lest my heart begin to mold?

Do I have to apologize
For the person that I portray?
Can I lay aside for just one day,
Do I have to make apology;
Say "out damned spot", I'm really not okay?

Do I have to feel guilty?
Do I have to say I'm sorry?
Do I have to apologize?

The button shorted out!

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August 2nd 1977 - 2008
Happy Birthday Jacob!

Joyeux Anniversaire!


Friday, August 01, 2008